You can at our place! With the real grand view on the Puy de Dôme.

For a few days now there has been snow on the Sancy, which is very promising for the winter season! In the skiing station they are already preparing the slopes and there are rumors that the ski station will be …

We are already preparing the winter season, we have stocked our wood, commanded gas for heating and we checked out our winter clothes :). But before we have this beautiful month of October with its amazing colors in yellow, red …

We see a lot of red kites here, a beautiful prey bird, and you can admire them from our garden!


Our breakfast is a real meal, with always homemade jams, cereals, cheese and meat. We try to vary everyday, to have something new every time you come down to eat.


sun at last

After a long winter, we had snow only a few days ago, finally we have some sun. This morning our guests even could take their breakfast outside, and we did the same with our coffee.


Spring walk

The spring is only just starting here in the mountains. Today we made a walk in beautiful weather, and it was a delight! The scenery is so different everywhere, a great joy to walk here. We walked on the riverside …


prepare for winter

The high summer season being over we are already preparing for winter. The first reservations have been made. Some advise for driving in the mountains in wintertime: take care to install winter tyres or at least have snow chains in …


Music in Besse

The 20th June there will be the fête de la musique (musicparty) in Besse. As we are going to help out there we will not serve dinner on that day. FETE MUSIC 15(1)


orientation table

At 30 meters from our house you will find an orientation table with all the names of the mountains in our neighbourhood.